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Paññā Lokasmi Pajjoto
Wisdom is the light of the world


Offering Buddhist education integrating Buddhism with modern sciences and applying to social and mental development


To provide Tipitaka studies and higher education for monks, novices and laity


Center for Buddhist Innovation to develop wisdom and morality in the Northeast


1) To produce quality graduates
By producing quality graduates according to the Thai Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (TQF: HEd) through an application of the Buddhist doctrines integrated with the teaching and learning process are to achieve quality graduates and meet the goals of the National Education Development Plan, providing education as a mechanism for human resource development to have citizenship with characteristics of desirable graduates.

2) To conduct research and development
Research and development refer to the study and research in order to create a body of knowledge and innovation in parallel with the teaching and learning process, emphasizing the development of knowledge in the Tipitaka through interdisciplinary methods and applying the discovered knowledge for solving the moral and ethical problems as well as developing the Buddhist academic quality by collaborating with renowned educational institutions both domestically and internationally in order to develop the quality of researchers and researches to have quality and universality.

3) To promote Buddhism and serve academic service to society
By promoting Buddhism and serving academic service to society based on the resolution of the university establishment by improving various activities to be consistent with the promotion of Sangha affairs are to create knowledge and understanding in the Buddhist doctrines and raise awareness of morality and ethics for the people by organizing a conference and training in order to develop monks and religious personnel to have potential to maintain and disseminate the doctrines as a core to develop the mind in a wide area.

4) To support and maintain art and culture
The promotion and development of learning sources for supporting and maintaining arts and culture in order to facilitate education by using Buddhism as a mechanism to raise awareness and the pride in being Thai, as well as to promote and support the use of local wisdom as the foundation for balanced and sustainable development.